How to Sell Successfully

How to sell:

Merchandising is the key to successful sales to the consumer. We have a multitude for merchandising options including many Point of Purchase options. Most of our mint/candy tins are packed in full color POPs of 48 units; or at a nominal purchase, we can furnish our customers with display racks for 36 units to 1536 units. Visit our display page to view these options. Our colorful tin art is a magnet to the consumer and draws them to a purchase.

Target Market:

A broad demographic, from kids to seniors, male and female, from all economic levels purchase our products. With over 300 destinations and theme specific designs, a personalized name program and private label program, Amusemints appeals to most everyone, everywhere.


Amusemints does not have any direct competition in the marketplace for theme and destination mint /candy tins. In the private label sector, there are other manufacturers; however, Amusemints differs in that we manufacture our own mints rather than sourcing product from a third party as most private label brands do.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our concentration is two-fold: 1. Producing the highest quality mint/candy 2. Creatively designed functional packaging. Our sugarfree mints are made in the USA and our mint/candy tins are not just purchased for consumption, they are considered collectables and keepsakes. 

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